BRAVE合金 ガリアン鉄の紋章[鉄巨神] 宮沢模型限定


我也不是這隻是啥  但看來不差的合金玩具



還真的搞不清宮沢模型限定  原來是原色版



這盒子上的照片是來亂的喔 !!





還是請BANDAI 不要混太久


標錯隻的劇情   還會重演   !!  哈   太遜啦 !!






這BRAVE合金未免也訂價定太高了吧 !!



嗯~~ 頗重手 




 嗯~~~ COOL !!!!

不是酷啦 !!  是涼多啦 !!




傢夥拿出來 !!

哇 !!  這把劍很重ㄟ !!



拔劍 !!!!

嗯 ~~ 可動度不錯 !!



哇靠 !!  這把那是劍 !!??

根本是大鐵杵嘛 !!



嗯 ~~ 背影來一張 !!


前面和後面好像長的差不多喔 !!






  1. I also saw the CM’S Limited Edition Tetsukyoiin on discount sale at Toy Aunt, but I held back from buying it after reading Kim’s review on the two versions of this diecast toy. Likewise, I prefer the original version.
    Positively speaking though, paying a little bit over 2 grand is a good deal for a CM’S toy, so congratulations on your score. From what I read on other toy forums, the CM’S Tetsukyoiin is made almost entirely of diecast. It would really hurt if you hurl the toy at someone.

  2. I was tortured by my client in the past few weeks , it’s a very good idea that hurl the diecase toy to them ,but I prefer using the Marmit Grendizinger …haaa… !
    Sometime I felt grateful to Bandai for offering fair and stable price for their diecast toys,not like others that would be get discount after first round sale , it’s hurt that if you get the toy in the first second ! I made preorder to redsun for GX-49,GX-50,GX-51,but not for the EX Gatchman SET A and SET B , I can’t take this feel if this 2 Sets get big discount in a very short time !
    BTW, I get a break time these days, I will post the layout for the Robotman Sticker , but I try to find the less sticky tape , I can mail it to you ,and you can treat it as a souvenir at least !! haa

  3. I appreciate your gracious offer of mailing me the Robotman stickers. On another note, perhaps we can also meet at Toy Cafe, especially since it will be closing business at the end of July. I’ll be more than glad to buy you a drink in support of Toy Cafe as well as in return for giving me the Robotman stickers.

  4. hi john
    It’s just a piece of cake ! I leave the Robotman Printout sheet in Toy Cafe this afternoon ,you can pick it when you visit there next week . I’ve  paste less sticky tape on the other side just in case you do really want to paste it on the Robotman , and I will !
    This Robotman will be the only ONE …HAA , John make it as TWO !!

  5. 怎麼跟盒子顏色不一樣???我差點買下去,,,彈這個月先殺了一台新相機..我的大錢卡 又要在等等了 真希望他也會大降價….好貴阿!!~~~


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