Tokyo 2002 Super Festival Exclusive SAS Robotman





會入這隻  要感謝 JOHN

本來只想買彩色版   但一直覺的塑膠感很重

這隻SAS 會場限定   一直只聞其聲  不見其影

卻在 JOHN的BLOG裡  見到本尊

還有另一尊 Christal 版   真是 “猴塞雷” 的 JOHN

各位可自行驅滑鼠前往 JOHN的 BLOG 瞧瞧








CP 值很低 !!



有緣千里來相會  2002 SAS Metallic版

我這隻比 JOHN 買的少一張多小朋友

嗯 Be Quit !!!





經過快七年的關禁閉   還是難逃橡膠老化的命運

趕快到玩具的急診室 “萬年大樓”


模型坦克的履帶  在調整長度時


我就孤且一試 !!




哈哈 !!












因為雙腋下   塞了二顆大電池

還真的很好玩ㄟ !!




不小隻吧 !!

哈 !! 有同好可分享 

才可一路敗下去 ~~~

不……….. 是買下去啦 !! 




  1. Excellent post, ck! Anyway, you give me more credit than I deserve. I’m just glad my blog inspired and motivated you to get this SAS Black Version Robotman, but then I suppose your wife as well as your wallet aren’t too happy .
    >這隻的合金成份很少Robotman doesn’t have any diecast parts, but then you’re right about the toy feeling heavy because of the added weight of the batteries. Speaking of which, I hardly ever switch on the power with my Robotman toys since they smell like they’re about to overheat after awhile.
    Over the years, Robotman has been produced under different names and a variety of colors. For example, Takara licensed Robotman to be released as Biotron in America under the Micronauts brand. The same mold was later released as Cosmobot under the Inter-changeables brand. Cosmobot was manufactur

  2. ed in Hong Kong and was molded in yellow, pink, and red.
    馮翊綱 also mentioned to me about the silver chromed Robotman Hyper Drive Mode.
    Source: ミクロマン補完計画
    It would be fun to have these Robotman toys in my collection, but I think I’m satisfied with my normal, crystal, and black versions. I should give my wallet a rest.

  3. John
    Are you kidding me ? Biotron in American,Cosmobot in Hongkong,It’s sounds like
    a big family tree of the Robotman , I should lock my wallet in the saver permanently!
    I bought this Black version in Japan ,the seller also have the Crystal and colorful version,
    I think the Black,Crystal and colorful version would be the main edition for Robotman,
    I can’t afford more unless I win the super 7 … haa !
    Btw, I’ve scanned the sticker ,but it didn’t looks quiet fit for this Black version ,
    I’ll working on it ,you’ll be the first one to know !!

  4. >Are you kidding me ? Biotron in American,Cosmobot in Hongkong…

    Biotron was sold under the Micronaut (the U.S. version of Microman) series of toys. It was exactly like the Microman Robotman except for the stickers. Later, Mego Corporation, the company that bought the Microman license from Takara, went bankrupt. Another company, Hourtoy used the existing Microman molds and named the series of toys the “Inter-changeables.” Cosmobot came from the Inter-changeables and was sold in the U.S. Not many survived because it made in Hong Kong using low quality plastic.

    You can read more about these two offshoot Robotman toys in the following links.



  5. Oh ~~ NO !!
    It’s too poison for me , I should keep away from that ! As you mention before , I’ve added batteries into Robotman and turned it on for a while, I didn;t smell anything that was overheated , I played it for about 15 mins, actually this is really a very playful and noisy  toy ,it’s surprise me indeed  !!

  6. Check out this Micronauts Biotron commercial from the 70’s:
    Now you have to buy the Hydrocopter (Marine Copter) and combine it with your Robotman .

  7. Don’t  you see me bleeding ~~
    BTW,will you paste the sticker on the Robotman? The Sticker I’ve scanned looks better after several time adjustment( my personal opinion) ! but it’s no sticky after print , I will use the less sticky tape to paste it on the Robotman ! then This Robotman will be the only TWO , cos I save one for you !! haa !!

  8. 我個人很喜歡灰黑塗裝和厚重的造型,這隻飛鷹號看起來就是成熟男人收藏的好物,拜讀本篇以後,雖然買不到飛鷹號,但也決定要再買黑色金屬版的魔神凱薩了。

  9. 隊長

    我先自守  我都只收原色版

    異色版的就只有這隻SAS Robotman 這是有天逛John大的版  中的毒





    老婆小孩們要養阿 !!!!


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